Current Openings
I get to play a central role in the running of the Hong Kong's investment markets and make a real impact on the way people do business.
I have access to a broad spectrum of investment industry experience and the opportunity to develop expert-level knowledge of Hong Kong investment markets.
I get to play a role in forming and enforcing the rules and regulations that help maintain Hong Kong's position as a world-class investment centre.
Division/ Department Position Date posted
CEO's Office & Central Services Manager - Press Office 16 October 2020
Enforcement Temporary Manager (6-Month contract) - Enforcement (Investigation - Corporate Fraud And Corporate Misfeasance Teams)  16 October 2020
Intermediaries Manager - Intermediaries Supervision (Off-site monitoring, Hong Kong Asian) 16 October 2020
Legal Services
Legal Executives 16 October 2020
Legal Services
Temporary Legal Executives / Paralegals (Six-Month Contract)
9 October 2020

Last update: 16 Oct 2020